DRX 2015 preview


The year 2015 just has begun. Now it is time to take a look forward towards the upcoming DRX season and to take a look at the changes which come with the new year.

At first, there is the championchip calendar: Unfortunately, the circuit of Gross Dölln is deleted from the calendar, but as a replacement, DRX will hold a venue at the Eurospeedway Lausitz for the first time. The additional track in the German Rallycross Championship 2015 are well known: GründautalringEwald Pauli Ring, belgian Duivelsbergcircuit and last but not least Estering Buxtehude.

The calendar is straightforward with just 5 venues. The good thing about this fact is that it is much easier to participate in the whole championship for teams interested.

The appearance of the championship will be much more professional in this new season. For example, all participating cars will appear with uniform windscreen banners showing the name of the race class. Same applies to the start number carrier. The start number itself will be significantly smaller, and drivers participating in two classes do no longer need to put start numbers of up to 6 digits on their cars. All championship stickers will present the new DRX logo. More information on the championship car stickers pls see here: Beklebungsvorschrift (sorry, the document currenly only is available in german language)

On the circuits, there will be banners showing the DRX logo in positions interesting for media. With these two changes - car stickers and banners on track - the championship is presenting itself significantly more professional to spectators and media which allows for appropriate reportings about the races.

DRX logo has been updated
The times are changing, and therefore time by time, optical adaptions are necessary. Ever since the Rallycross World Championship WRX and the European Championship ERX are promoted by IMG, the popularity of these international series is growing and the "RX" for Rallyross is being put to the mind of motorsport fans stronger and stronger. For this reason, the "RX" now also is presented more prominent in the new logo, which also shall show that DRX is connected with international Rallycross Motorsports.

New online offering
The previous official website of the Championship has seen the years pass by and therefore also needs a new look and even more new functionality - the result is the site you are currently visiting. Besides a more modern design, many external information sources about Rallycross are included in this new website - for example the video reports made by DRX TV. The goal is to provide all information in one place - for drivers and teams as well as for the motorsport fan crowd.

The race results in special will be significantly faster online here as in the past few years - usually on the evening of the venues. 

Additionally, the structure of the Facebook fan pages connected to the Championship have been updated. The following official offers area available in Facebook (german language only)

Deutsche Rallycross Meisterschaft: The official Facebook fan page about the DRX. Here, only official information will be posted and you will get a hint in case there is new content on rallycross-dm.de

DRX Inside:The "semi-official" Facebook fan page about the DRX. Informations from participating teams or quick updates during a venue will be posted here.

DRX TV: The video channel of the Championship. Besides full video coverage of the venues, you also will be pointed to videos from other rallycross events, such as WRX, ERX and RCE.

photo: Vanessa Bletz Fotografie