11.-12. August 2018

Track information:

Length: 920 meters (60% tarmac / 40% gravel)

Width: 8-16 meters

Maximum number of audience: 8000

Parking: approx. 1500

Top speed: 150 km/h

Paddock space: ca. 160 Stellplätze

Fastest Lap: 36,4 sec
Bernd Stubbe
Fast&Speed 2010 Volvo 2.5

Announcement: not yet availlable
Drivers-Info + Timetable: not yet availlable
List of participants: not yet availlable
Entryform: not yet availlable

Deutsche Rallycross Meisterschaft powered by ToyoTires (International) (SuperCars, Super1600, SuperNational)
DMSB Rallycross Pokal (National) (Produktionswagen, Rallycars)

MSC Schlüchtern e.V. im ADAC
Brunnenweg 7
36381 Schlüchtern - GER

Phone: +49 (0)171 4937773
E-Mail: vorstand@msc-schluechtern.de
Internet: www.msc-schluechtern.de

Track: Ewald-Pauli-Ring
36381 Schlüchtern-Hohenzell - GER
Phone: +49 (0)6661-2608

additional track information

The Ewald Pauli Ring saw its first race ever on the easter weekend 1971. First venue was an international Autocross race. It is the first permanent autocross race circuit in germany and has held the races for the Autocross Cup of Nations and for the Autocross European Championship from 1976 to 2002.

In 2009, extensive rebuilding was carried out to convert it to a multi purpose race circuit for Autocross and Rallycross. The first venue for the DRX was in June 2010. Besides Rallycross, there is rallye examinations, Endure Races, Supercross and Motorcross events on the ring.

Racereport 2015




From highway A66:
Take exit "Schlüchtern-Süd" and proceed direction Schlüchtern. Straight after the city sign sharp to the right (direction Hohenzell / Mülldeponie). - rest of route see section "final approach"

from Direktion Sinntal / Bad Brückenau:
Go straight on the first traffic light, turn left on second traffic light direction Steinau/ A66 Schlüchtern-Süd. Directly before leaving the town, turn left (direction Hohenzell / Mülldeponie) – kurz vorm Ortsausgangsschild Schlüchtern links. - rest of route see section "final approach"

final approach:
As soon as you are leaving the wood, turn left at sign "Mülldeponie / Ewald-Pauli-Ring" Pass the "Mülldeponie" (waste disposal site) and go straight to the gate, and just 100m further you are in the paddock. During events, there will be direction signs leading you to the circuit.

GPS 09°,31´,25´´E

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1,7 km
BFT Tankstellen
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3 km Shell
Breitenbacher Straße 22
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(3 km)
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